International Coaching
Delphine Incesu-Tringale

From where you are to where you want to be

Coaching helps you clarify your vision and goals, keeps you focused, makes you aware of your unconscious behaviours and limiting patterns, enables your full potential and encourages you to live by your values. 

What do you want to achieve personally and professionally?

Based on a combination of coaching tools and techniques, we work individually on topics which are important to you.

Your benefits:

  • Improved communication skills and relationships
  • Stronger motivation to deal with challenges and reach your goals
  • Higher self-confidence and personal growth
  • Better performances and increased satisfaction



Delphine Incesu-Tringale is a certified NLP Coach and works since many years internationally. She uses her experience to help clients improving their level of confidence, achieving their goals and accomplishing positive sustainable changes.